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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up On Aspartame

     Every now and then I’ll see a testimonial on the dangers of aspartame that has been re-posted on Facebook, usually with an impassioned plea to “please share this!”  An unsuspecting consumer of aspartame-laced food products begins to develop terrible symptoms of illnesses ranging from splitting headaches to MS-like neurological symptoms. No doctor seems to be able to help them in any significant way. The poor soul is bewildered, distressed, and absolutely at a loss to explain their health crisis until, finally, they stumble on some information about aspartame poisoning. “Eureka!” they cry. Understandably, they immediately cut out all aspartame from their diet and, wonder of wonders, miraculously begin to recover.  End of story?  No. They then begin a crusade to get all their friends and loved ones off the cursed stuff by posting aspartame poisoning stories on Facebook and other social media. Their friends, naturally, are all deeply appreciative. Or greatly annoyed.

    I avoid aspartame for the most part, along with other artificial sweeteners. I’ve had the occasional swig of a diet drink if it was handy, but very little of the stuff has crossed my lips over the past twenty or so years. I’ve never been convinced that aspartame is perfectly safe for human consumption, but maybe you are.  Perhaps you’re thinking, “Look, the FDA approved aspartame years ago. Just leave me and my diet cola alone, ok?”

     Honest to God, I wish I could, but this subject intrigues me.  Is aspartame really a poison or not? Is everybody susceptible to aspartame toxicity, or just certain people?  Is there anyone out there who can settle this issue for us with any certainty?  Good news, people! Yes, there is.

    Due to my keen interest in the subject, I recently purchased a copy of an audio lecture by Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD entitled, “The Truth About Aspartame.”

Click here to go to Dr. Blaylock's web site

I listened carefully and tell you now with great conviction that the best ten bucks you will spend all year is for a copy of Dr. Blaylock’s carefully researched presentation.  As Dr. Blaylock states it, you will learn about “the deceit, the lies, and the flagrant abandonment of you and your family’s safety.”  Among the many facts about aspartame you will discover are:

  • the history of aspartame as developed by the G. D. Searle company.
  • how poorly Searle’s lab experiments and testing for aspartame were conceived and carried out; Searle lab technicians were themselves poorly trained and supervised.
  • that the FDA approved aspartame for use in dry foods in 1974, but then quickly withdrew their approval because of the high incidence of tumor formation found in their very extensive investigation of the G.D. Searle studies.
  • that the FDA, under the direction of a new commissioner, later inexplicably approved aspartame for consumer use (in 1981 for dry foods, 1983 for beverages) based on the same flawed testing and over the objections of the neuroscientists and pathologists who sat on the public board of inquiry. Their chief objection was the high number of brain tumors found in animals exposed to aspartame.
  • that FDA commissioner Authur Hull Hayes, left the FDA two months after he initiated aspartame approval to become the senior medical advisor to G. D. Searle’s public relations firm.
  • that all three components of aspartame - the amino acids phenylalanine and aspartic acid, and methanol, a toxic alcohol - are toxic to the brain, especially the developing brain of a fetus, infant, or a young child. 
  • that aspartame in high enough doses can cause seizures in adults and exacerbate the symptoms of MS. 
  • how the methanol component of aspartame metabolizes in the body as formaldehyde (the chemical used to embalm corpses), a powerful toxin which then accumulates in the body because it is difficult to remove from cells.
  • how formaldehyde damages human DNA, leading to cancer and other degenerative brain diseases, especially in females.
  • that methanol (aka wood alcohol), which is highly toxic to humans, tends to accumulate in fat tissue; the brain is 60% fat.
  • that phenylalanine, though naturally occurring, becomes a dangerous brain toxin at high levels.
  • that a pregnant woman should NEVER ingest aspartame. Her inability to normally metabolize phenylalanine puts her unborn child at risk for mental retardation, seizures, and behavioral problems due to the interference with proper brain development. If she is also a carrier of the PKU gene, ingesting aspartame puts her baby at enormous risk for these problems as well as life-long immune system deficiencies related to aspartame toxicity in a developing thymus gland.
  • how one in fifty people in the U.S. carry the gene for phenylketonuria, whether they show signs of the disorder or not. Ingesting aspartame will cause their blood phenylalanine levels to rise at least twice as high as a normal person’s and often many times more.  These 20 million PKU gene carriers are therefore highly susceptible to the effects of aspartame toxicity and even death, because they lack the critical enzyme needed to metabolize phenylalanine.
  • that by 1987 the food industry was adding 8,000 tons of aspartame to food products.
  • that the segment of our population most at risk for aspartame toxicity is the part that consumes the most of it:  women, young children, babies and the unborn, through the mother’s consumption.
  • how to de-toxify your body from aspartame after you stop consuming it. Dr. Blaylock provides specific recommendations.

    The above-listed points should be enough to convince anyone that aspartame is indeed a deadly poison and should be avoided at all costs. But if you are still not persuaded, then please do yourself and your family a huge favor and spend the ten bucks for a copy of Dr. Blaylock’s lecture. He elaborates quite a bit more on the science of it all.  I urge you to educate yourself and the people you love on the dangers of this widely used food additive.   

 Order Dr. Blaylock's lecture here.
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